Words Like Atoms.

Light and Death

The body is Light and Death. 

The mind is Darkness and Innovative. 

When Darkness and Death are together

Chaos Rules. 

When Light and Innovation is together. 

Love Rules

Use Your mind to become perfect within Your meditation. 

Imagine Yourself as a Tree of Life 

and ‘The Tree of Life’. 

Perfection resides within Geometry. 

Chaos resides within Life. 

Follow the Chaos to remove Your Darkness. 

When You remove Darkness, replace it with Light

The Flower of Life is within You. 

Start opening Your Flowers.  


(via crazyfeather)

-*flowing spirits in the flowers

like day and night
and drops of rain
strange things around
the world
the dust
its been too long
it seems
in skeletons and skins
you put your ear
and listen heart
makes beats
without a drug
the other side unseen
and here too solid
forms like fear,
and flowing spirits
in dying flowers…


I ve seen hungry faces, unsatisfied
ready to tear me apart
eat me and my red blood
on their shaking hands.
I ve seen dread in their eyes
and fear in mine
ready to run
from human kind.
I felt darkness
in between the steps i made
to survive the strikes
and my shadow gliding
to another space.


I’ll smoke another cigarette and go to sleep
I know it will be boring.
It would be nice to smoke another cigarette with you.
But you are far.
And waves will carry us away
And even if we stop
the wind will blow our hair
and even if we stay emotionless
the days will break into the nights
and in these nights we’ll smoke another cigarettes
and talk and talk
about each other.

In Between.

I am in love with
Two flowers.
One that grows at the seas
Another in the forests.

I push myself, now to the sides.

And highway to the west is calling
And highway back I’ll drive.

Cause I’m in love with two.

A Meeting.

It is the moment
of waiting
as if something
has to explode,
I arrange my bag
for a departure
a distant flight,
a meeting,

Life declares itself unknown
as if yesterday I haven’t learned
the same

where would I go?
who would I meet?

to make me settle.

Anonymous asked: So I was scrolling through my girlfriend Claire's (Floodgatetohell) blog, and I saw that she reblogged a poem of yours. The one about white ceilings. I'm glad she did, because you, miss, have talent. I hope with everything I have that you keep writing, because the world could use more writers like you.

Anonymous asked: I just want to tell you, that I adore your poems and oftenly melodize them :)


From white,
from blank feel.
Everyone around in smoke,
And sailors power-boats make noise,
make waves.
Across the shores
Across the days.
The bottom
Where the secret down the ocean soul
What is life
The humming of the universe
The heart
To progress.